5 different stages of friendship

5 different stages of friendship

Friendship has different stages. Each stage has its own specialty. When you move from one stage of friendship to another, you feel yourself promoted. In the beginning, you are strangers to each other. As time passes, you become known to each other and then friendship develops. In some cases, friendships are evolved even into relationships, forming bonds forever. In this blog, you will learn about the 5 different stages of friendship. If you want to know more, let’s continue.

#5 Strangers

In the beginning, you know nothing about your potential friend. You remain strangers to each other. You might stumble upon him in your school, in your street, on your bus, or somewhere else. One of you breaks the ice and begins the talk. During initial talks, you only know the name of that strange friend. You remain very casual and reveal less about your personality and your friend does the same. However. if you find the other person interesting and vice-versa, one of you might share your numbers or even commit to a meeting. Now, let’s move to the next stage.

#4 Casual Acquaintances

In this stage, you both do not have much knowledge about each other. And you don’t share enough personal information with him. When you go out, spend time together, and talk, then you become comfortable with each other. Due to course of time, you both become acquainted with each other and love each other’s company. It is the first sign of the development of bonding between you and the other person. Then you move further, to the next stage.

#3 Just Friends

As time passes, you understand and begin trusting each other. You feel comfortable with them hence, you share personal information. You feel secure, so you talk a lot, laugh, tease and share every moment. Moments when you feel down, you take his help and he also does the same in bad situations. If everything goes well and the bond becomes stronger, you move to the next stage of friendship.

#2 Best Friends

When you spend years together, knowing as much about each other. Spending time together a lot and keeping him with you in every situation. By this point in time, you both have experienced ups and downs in your friendship. Your friendship survived every worst scenario like misunderstandings and fights. Hence, the level of trust is high in your relationship. You two become best friends and can be seen together, always. Then, you move to the paramount stage of your friendship. 

#1 Self-Intimacy

Every person has a few people, who are trustworthy and the most valuable to him. He put that person on his priority list. Most of the persons on this list are family members. However, an old friend can become a part of your innermost circle. When you feel that your best friend is more like a family member. He is trustworthy and will remain faithful to you forever. Then, you don’t consider him a friend. He feels like a family member with you as you give him special privileges which only a few can have.

Have you ever observed that you have been through these stages of friendship? If yes, please share your experience with us through comments.

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