Signs that your relationship is falling apart

Signs that your relationship is falling apart

Do you want to know about the 4 Signs that your relationship is falling apart?

If you are in a relationship and fighting almost every other day then it is definitely a major red flag. This article explains 4 Signs that your relationship is falling apart. So, what are the signs? Is it possible to end the relationship in a healthy, constructive way when your relationship is falling apart, the behaviour of one person in a relationship is negative.  It can make the situation seem like they’re in greater trouble than they really are. 

It depends upon person to person and on different relationships. In some relationships, couples generally fight over issues that are extremely trivial.  On other hand, for another couple, it can be easily manageable. The major reason for fights is that people misunderstand each other when they argue. One of the partners may run away and refuses to engage while the partner other cries and sulks. It makes a small argument to last long for days.

Communication breakdown

It happens when you and your partner rarely discuss things anymore. This leads to increasing the problem as when issues arise, they keep it inside rather than solving them.  In this way, they hold on to the frustration within themselves.   

It may feel at such times that there’s no point to work things out, and want to go farther away from them. You seek a life which is full of peace and calmness.  

You no longer want to spend time together

Do you remember the time when you thought about meeting your partner? or having that movie night together, or even when you went on shopping together? Remember the butterflies in your stomach? Don’t you feel the same anymore? Do you find you or your partner difficult to catch up? or even when you do make those plans, you feel that the spark you once had is missing? If that is the case, you should realize that your relationship may be falling apart and needs work to be done if you want it to last.

Aggressive or confrontational communication

The other side of the lack of communication is aggressive communication. You and your partner may be picking fights with each other, and unwilling to resolve the issues. When you’re dealing with constant disagreements, it can lead to anger on both sides. You may try and raise concerns with your partner, but they are denied or ridiculed by your partner. This leads to a lack of confidence in both to solve their issues. You may feel confident enough that you can change your own negative behaviour. 

The best way to lead a healthy and positive relationship is to confront each other.

The temperament of a person is like a pressure cooker. The impulsive action caused due to anger provides a temporary feeling of satisfaction. In the long-term, this type of behaviour hampers trust and respect. It also eliminates the chance of communication.

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