Top 3 reasons for conflict in a relationship

Top 3 reasons for conflict in a relationship

Every couple sees ups and downs in their relationship. Conflicts & fights are common between them. But, these should not make your relationship bitter. If a conflict arises, it can be redressed. All it needs is your patience, understanding, and willingness to redressal. If you want your relationship to last longer, you need to redress the conflict and cut its gravity. Conflict redressal is the final step, the first step is identifying the causes. In this blog, you will know the top 3 reasons for conflict in a relationship and also learn ways to mitigate them.

There are 3 major causes of conflict in a relationship:

Trust issues

Trust is the foundation of a relationship. It makes two strangers believe in each other, and love and care for each other. If a relationship lacks trust, it falls apart. Such a relationship can’t be sustained longer. If trust issues persist between you and your partner, it is better to discuss that.

If you have any questions in mind, ask your partner, don’t make preassumptions. Yet, if you or your partner have a problem with trusting people, then it can create serious problems. You need to consult a psychiatrist or a counselor for better help.


Misunderstanding is another reason for conflict in a relationship. If your relationship doesn’t have good communication then it creates misunderstandings. It leads to preassumptions. Preassumptions create a false image of your partner in your mind. Hence, everything becomes worse.

Instead of making preassumptions and judging things, you should discuss things. You should exchange opinions and talk about things with your partner.

High expectations

Nowadays, people have fewer expectations from themselves and higher expectations from others. If you are one of those who expect a lot from their partner then you should stop doing that. If the other person doesn’t perform up to your expectations, you get disappointed. Disappointment leads to despair and it further leads to bitterness in your relationship.

Moreover, there are people who give examples of others and ask their partner to be like them. The comparison creates low self-esteem and hatred in your partner. Furthermore, your partner feels dejected and starts parting ways with you. In such a scenario, conflict rises and you both see a standoff.

The top 3 reasons for conflict in a relationship, discussed above can be addressed by understanding the situation. You can mitigate the risk of conflict through communication and talks. Apart from this, you should make yourself comfortable, and look for a solution. Instead of parting ways and abandoning your partner, redress the conflict.

Ups and downs are parts of life, they come and go. It is the love, care, and trust which sustains forever.

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