5 underrated games of all time

5 underrated video games of all time

Every year, thousands of games are launched, some are loved and some get flopped. But, there are a few games that remain underrated, hence fewer people know about them. These underrated games are fun-packed and can have unique concepts as well. If you wish to explore the list of such games, please continue to read. This blog, 5 underrated games of all time, has a surprising list for you.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

You will enjoy this game because of its plot, which makes it so unique and appealing. The plot, gameplay, and experience of this game are much better. Out of the trilogy launched so far, this is the one you must try once. The graphics are mesmerizing with spectacular sceneries & themes. The animation is so fluid and realistic that you can feel it to be real. BGM & other music and sounds are of another level that you’d love. The gunplay, visuals, narrative, characters, and theme, all look perfect. It has everything that a good game should have.

Lost Odyssey

The Lost Odyssey is something magical, it is one of the most immersive games. The graphics, art direction, storytelling, soundtracks, and characters, will impress you a lot. This game is evergreen hence, anyone can play it at any time. The game is by the story writer of the Final Fantasy series. Now, imagine how good the story of the game would be. The Thousand Years of Dreams is one of the highlights of this game, which makes the story great. But, it didn’t meet the expectations of the players as the ending is flat and free from gore. Nonetheless, you can play it for an incredible experience.

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments

Sherlock Holmes movies and series are quite popular in the world. On other hand, the game itself received a lukewarm response. Crimes and punishments is a detective game, the same as the Sherlock holmes movies. It is full of thrills and surprises. Plenty of secrets and mysteries to be unfolded. You as a player get tasks to look for clues, question suspects, piece evidence together, and try to prove the case. It is in your hand to make the right call to solve the case. The game is so engrossing and entertaining. It is one of the must-try games.

Mirror’s Edge

Launched more than a decade ago, it is worth a try even today. The representation of a sterile utopia is impressive and will leave you awestruck. The graphics, story, BGM, and characters, are so amazing that you’d not believe, it was released years ago. You will love playing it, as it was the first free-running game.

Mad Max (2015)

Mad Max is an impeccable action-adventure, fun-packed game. From graphics to cinematic action, everything looks so captivating. The game is themed in a scorched, deserted battleground, where you have to survive scavengers. The game didn’t become quite popular amongst gamers due to the weak storyline. Furthermore, the game lacks a strong female character. But, it has spectacular gameplay. That’s the reason why It is on the list of 5 underrated games of all time.

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