How to deal with a friend’s betrayal

How to deal with a friend's betrayal

Friendship is the best gift bestowed upon you by God. Friends become an integral part of your life. You trust each other, help each other and spend time together. Moreover, you share everything with them so, they know most of your secrets. They know everything, from your strengths to your weaknesses. Friends make life easier and add meaning to it. However, a friend who turns against you or betrays can be more lethal than hundred other foes. In this article, you will learn “How to deal with a friend’s betrayal”, particularly with the Best friend betrayal.

First of all, you need to understand, why does a friend betray you?

Well, there are different kinds of people. They have different personalities, outlooks, and understanding. Conflict arises when you have different choices, opinions, or preferences. The situation becomes worse when you both choose to move apart without proper conflict resolution. 

There are resentments, pain, feelings, etc. that are not shared with you hence, they create hate and misunderstanding. Fearing the consequences, your friend tries to abandon you. However, in your case, the reasons may vary.

Below are the best ways to deal with a friend’s betrayal:

Don’t waste your precious time

Being in a friendship and then getting betrayed may already have tormented you. You can’t accept reality and think about the past. You blame yourself and ask multiple questions. At last, you get nothing but disappointment.

Yeah! it is tough to believe that one of your most trusted friends betrayed you and will even try to destroy you. But…

In order to deal with this, it is better to give your precious time to deserving friends. Spend time with them and enjoy the moments. In spite of thinking about the past, write a diary and share your feelings with it. Be prepared to stay strong against anything.

Don’t try to contact that person again and justify yourself. Instead, do some productive things and prepare yourself for the future.

Accept the reality and move on

In the first instance, it becomes really hard for a friend to accept the betrayal. The person who gave everything to nurture his friendship and at last what did he get? a betrayal. But, you have to accept the reality and move on. Instead of living with the past, move further and choose to think about the present. You can’t change the past but your present can affect the future. Therefore, live in the present.

Find professional help

If you find yourself in a situation, in which it becomes tough for you to accept reality. Then it is the time when you need to seek professional help. Look for a counselor, and share everything without hiding a single incident. Narrate the ordeal, tell him your perception and what you were going through. The professional will understand your situation and provide you with counseling for early recovery.

You can choose any of the above-mentioned methods to recover from a friend’s betrayal. They will help you in recovering from the tragic incident. 

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